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Hiren High Cliff Apartments for sale Panathur Outer Ring Road Bangalore is an experience at home. We have blended value, style and comfort to offer you the most enjoyable way of life. The landscaped garden in the quick moving and noisy city of Bengaluru offers a much-needed calm and peace. High Cliff is located near engineering parks and centers, helping you to spend less time on the highway and more time with your friends.

Platinum accredited in the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) category. The design is platinum. This makes our estate the top green asset accredited. This means cleaner air, plenty of drinking water and an opportunity to live closer to the environment. Cliff is a remarkable landmark in all the buildings of the region.

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Highcliff by HW Buildtech is a luxurious and premium lifestyle oasis in Panathur, the center of the Bangalorean information technology industry (IT Belt). Designed in order to provide you and your friends with the best of all - the best technology, the best facilities, the best quality of life, the best future, Highcliff as a single deal to those who want to call this place.

Hiren Wahen High Cliff Apartments for sale in Panathur Bangalore, It is just 200 mtrs from Outer Ring Road and surrounded by major IT developments of Bangalore. It's always a dream to purchase a home close to ORR in Bangalore and there are very limited options available to choose from. ORR has become one of the busiest roads in Bangalore Karnataka as it is surrounded by all major IT tech parks and it is the only connectivity path available today. Hiren builder and developers has taken one of the last few land parcels and is developing one of the most demanding property and has worked hard over the design and got it approved by IGBC council. The benefits of having a IGBC certified building is very simple. The building should have used all the natural resources to optimum and should have lot of features like energy saving, water recycle unit, extra storage which will reduce the dependency on external water supply. To know more about High Cliff apartment for sale Panathur & IGBC please contact us, we shall explain in details the benefits and features about it and its certification with its benefits.

Hiren Wahen Hign Cliff apartments Panathur is one of the very few options which is being developed close to ORR. It is a high rise building with all amenities and facilities in the property which will let your live in comfort and also let you be close to office location. There are lot of benefits of staying close to Office location, as it will help you to save lot of time and let you spend that extra quality time with your friends and family. You will also be relaxed from driving long hours in the traffic and fuel cost. Over the long run if we happen to just calculate the amount of money we spend on traveling, it becomes very huge. Hence, it always advisable to use that money to buy your dream home. The other biggest benefit of your property being close to IT Infrastructure development is that, your property appreciates very faster. So in order to cut down the cost you need to book at the earliest, before there is a rise in the cost of the apartment. Properties at prime locations like High Cliff Panathur will always appreciate faster and will always be in huge demand for it is also IGBC certified apartment for sale in Panathur. Its time for you to come and contact us at the earliest and book your dream flat where you might be at a walk able distance to your office. One of the biggest advantage of buying a flat at High Cliff is that Panthur location especially has one the most highly paid jobs in Bangalore, hence the demand of apartment for sale is very high in this particular location. Hiren Wahen Cliff comes with 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments Panathur with maximum sunlight and ventilation for all its home buyer. Kindly give us an opportunity to meet you and explain in detail about the property and its several features available at High Cliff apartments Panathur, just 200 Mtrs form Outer Ring Road.

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Hiren Wahen High Cliff is a IGBC Certified Platinum Green Building

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